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The latest shoe trends for your favorite outfits: a "must" for this season!

The latest shoe trends for your favorite outfits: a "must" for this season!

In autumn there are all sorts of explosions: colored leaves on the trees, mushrooms in the forest or new trends in business and leisure fashion. Their development varies more and more, which does not necessarily simplify the selection of the right shoes for the colorful season. Most men usually opt for timeless pieces that are always wearable and current and therefore seem to remain independent of trends. However, sometimes the seasonal revival and addition to a wardrobe can inspire genuinely positive feelings. We therefore recommend creating some space in your shoe closet during this time in order to create your convincingly cool looks with the latest trends from bugatti Up-Grades.

For formal events, it is important to wear elegant shoes that are comfortable at the same time. The business shoes from bugatti help you to create stylish arrangements: for example, a pair of Mensueto Flex in harmony with a dark gray suit creates an exquisite impression. A pair of Merlo business shoes combines the classic derby style with high-quality black nubuck leather, making them perfect for casually chic combinations. Combined with black or dark jeans and a simple t-shirt or turtleneck sweater, the perfect overall outfit for your day at the office is created.
Now that the colder seasons are upon us, Chelsea shoes can be worn as well as classic office shoes as an appropriate response to the less than benign weather conditions.

Those who prefer smooth and elegant boots will find the alternative with bugatti's Billis, which also protects against the cold. Their sophisticated nubuck leather gives every casual leisure outfit that "certain something". Zeli Chelsea boots represent a brightening alternative, worn in connection with a denim jacket or a denim jacket with a white shirt and stylish chinos.

Combining or complementing casual pieces with formal attire is also a very successful strategy. Unusual and interesting combinations are suitable for emphasizing character traits or for generating invigorating contrasts: A pair of Sentra boots with tailored chinos, worn with a white cotton shirt and a robust work jacket are suitable as a striking connection to express individual taste and style. Chic variations can already be achieved with minor changes: Instead of chuncky boots, simply use comfortable, sand-brown Ohio leather boots with memory footbeds, or replace the work jacket with a sophisticated waistcoat.

Sneakers are also a top recommendation from bugatti as trends for this season. Nowadays it is common to wear sneakers with almost every outfit, whether smart-casual, sporty or just for leisure. With Gumero Cognac sneakers it is not difficult to find a style that suits the mood of the day. They are super versatile and comfortable, exclusively made with attention to detail: the well-placed logo, their used look and the hand-finish function make them an absolutely indispensable pair of sneakers in any good shoe collection. To extend this smart-casual style, a cool white pair like the Carmelos bugatti sneakers is recommended. As light and flexible as they are, you don't have to worry about your feet not feeling comfortable during the day and at the same time you are up to date with your fashionable appearance.

When it comes to sporty looks, everyone looks at the shoes first; ideally they are constructed as light as a feather to avoid any possible discomfort during physical activities. Therefore, a decision for Corning sneakers with the jogging pants of your choice is the optimal prerequisite for the morning run full of energy and in a good mood. If you want something more colorful and lively, the sky blue Zander sneakers are perfect! An additional argument for them: the complete production from vegan materials and a removable insole. In this way, stability and comfort can be individually adjusted and guaranteed.

The chunkier the better: That's a motto of the current seasonal trends. Chunky sneakers may not be for everyone, mainly because of their distinctive and quirky shapes. Some people, including us, value them as extremely authentic and cool. So here are a few ideas and suggestions to help you decide if you have any doubts about this concept. It is important to know when and how to wear them: they are obviously suitable for less formal occasions and are ideal with almost any sports jacket, plaid shirt or sweatshirt. Adelson sneakers are a must for such outfits: their elastic lacing function makes them easier to put on. What's also positive is the three color options to choose from: grey, dark blue and black.

Fashion trends can be fun and stimulate your creativity, but in general we recommend following your own preferences and individual tastes to be authentic. Avoid clashing patterns or too many bold color combinations. Rather focus on one or two special parts of an outfit and stand out from the crowd. Heeding this advice will no doubt be crowned with success. bugatti wishes you the best of luck with your selection!